About Me

Hey, I am Kuenzang Tobgay, a freelance Website and Brand Designer based in Thimphu, Bhutan. An AI Enthusiasts, and an aspiring author.

On this site, you will find my web design journey, tips and tools to earn, live a productive life and better prepare for the future.

Know Me More


I am passionate about

Web Design

No formal training in coding or programming yet I can chip in a few lines of codes and scripts to develop the design I need. I have developed several websites for government offices, travel agents, bloggers and businesses.

Brand Design

In a world saturated with options, branding design is the magic wand that makes your business stand out. It's not just a logo or a flashy website; it's the visual storytelling that breathes life into your brand, capturing hearts and minds in a captivating glance.

Copy Writing

Struggling to make your words work like magic? A skilled copywriting service provider is your spellcaster, wielding language like a wand to craft irresistible messages that captivate your audience and ignite action.

Graphic Design

Feeling visually lost in the crowd? Enter the stage, the graphic design service hero! I can wield visual tools like pixels and paintbrushes, conjuring stunning imagery that brings your brand to life. Just a call away from making your brand take center stage.


I have been writing bits and pieces for a long time. Losing it was a pain. Online presence is important if you have great ideas to share to the world. As I am online through this website, I put everything in here. This site is my personal notebook.

Tech Review

Technology fascinates me often. I like exploring and blending myself with the new technology in town. We all must stay updated with the latest technology that our innovations and inventors have to offer. Check out my tech reviews here

Online Courses

“Letting go of our egos and sharing the process”. I like sharing my work, skills and tips. I will share it for free and a little further, premium for those who have some amount to spare

Book Notes

“Reading feeds the writing, which feeds the Reading”. I share my reading experiences and recommend books to my readers. I am mostly into productivity, technology books.


On my youtube channel, I create videos on life hacks, tutorials, productivity tips, tech, generic lifestyle that i found useful over the years. I believe in “learning by doing” and ofcourse sharing.

My skills

Web Designer 94%
Brand Designer 95%
Graphic Design 84%
Copy Writing 91%
Video Editing 45%
Project Management 78%
Project Communications 65%